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As lively as the POMPADOUR discus fish! We are a house full of enthusiasts, a group of team-driven little fishes, creating Marketing Communication Strategy, Social Content, and Event Management. Just like the POMPADOUR’s remarkable pattern, we are social savvy, highly adaptive, creative fun-loving little quirks that are more than happy and excited to work with YOU! Seeking and striving for a clean freshwater habitat, that’s how important clients are for us, you are the clean freshwater that keeps us alive. And we bring life, beauty, and the essential balance to your freshwater, like the POMPADOUR!

Lil' Fish

Anootree Nerngchamnong

Managing Director

Every project we created and delivered, not only we passionately bring our best in quality for our clients, but to make sure we are all happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Payungsak Kiatruangkit

Strategic Planning Manager

The brain is wider than the sky

Kunakorn Lomsoongnern

Marketing & Content Planner

Self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Chayin Thongchompoo

Marketing & Content Coordinator

Beyond creativity is a careful consideration of clients’ benefit, reliability, and social responsibility.

Tareerud Laohapornsvan


Creating or publishing something these days, not only there’s an impact, it stays! We need to spread out more good vibes, and social awareness <3

Greanggri Bunrit

Art Director

A good design is not only the beauty on the eyes, but the audience should also be able to feel the story and the creative process behind it.

Cherda Netthip

Graphic Designer

Make each work

a masterpiece.

Rum Na Pombejara

VDO Editing & Producer

God is in the details

Viroon Lerchaipanont


Beautiful things don't ask for attention

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